Anushka Sharma Talks About Her Lip Job

20 May 2016 : Anushka Sharma’s interview with the popular fashion magazine Vogue focused on various aspects of her career, personal life and the much talked about lip job that she underwent.

The puffy lips of the actress had first been noticed when she appeared for an interview at the popular show Koffee With Karan.

Post the show, Anushka clarified her stand stating that she used make up techniques for a fuller pout for her film Bombay Velvet. She denied undergoing any kind of cosmetic surgery.

However, in the latest interview given to Vogue, Anushka opened up about her lip enhancement and took ownership. She clarified that she had to enhance her lips for the role in the film Bombay Velvet. She stated that she wanted her fans to be aware of the reality.

Anushka’s stand has been appreciated and praised by people. The actress had to deal with a lot of issues earlier regarding the topic. At that time she had clearly felt irritated and bullied by the plethora of comments that were posted on social networking sites regarding her lip job.

Hats off to Anushka for being brave enough to speak up on the rumours surrounding her lip job.


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