Arpita Khan Reacts To The Criticism Against Her

25 May 2016 : After Bipasha Basu who was criticized through internet trolls, it was now time for Arpita Khan Sharma to face the issue. Recently, when Arpita was holidaying with her husband Ayush Sharma and her new born Ahil, she was subject to a lot of personal comments on social media.

Arpita is fairly active on various social media platforms and posted a lot of pictures of her vacation on Instagram. She has been posting pictures of herself, her husband, friends and her baby Ahil. According to reports, her followers on social media started posting personal comments on her pictures.

The followers posted nasty comments regarding her lifestyle, weight, her husband and her son Ahil. The followers criticized her in number of other aspects.

This clearly infuriated Arpita who got back to the people who had posted the nasty comments. In a post she stated that she was shocked at the amount of time people invested in interfering and criticizing aspects in the lives of others. She boldly stated that such people should refrain from acting like barking dogs and instead concentrate on their own lives and work. She urged them to do something constructive with their lives.


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