Hrithik Kangana Relationship: From Start to Till Now

8 April 2016: Dating, being together, breaking up and then again coming back together has become very common these days, and the same trend is also followed by our Bollywood celebrities. We have heard a lot of celebrity rumours and their stories of them being a couple and breaking up and then maybe again coming back together. Talking about Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan, their linkup has reached a new level.

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Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut became good friends when their individual relationship was going at a rough level. The actor was struggling with his married life and the actress was also struggling with her own life. Time bought the two together and they became friends while working together for Anurag Basu’s movie. Their friendship took a turn during the release of Krrish 3. The two came close and started enjoying each other’s company as well.

The actor decided to end his marriage with Sussanne and moved out of his house during the release of Krrish 3 in November 2013. As 2014 commenced, the actor proposed Kangana in Paris.

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Rumours of Hrithik not talking with Kangana were in air, while he was shooting for Bang Bang. It seems the actor did not receive her calls nor kept any relation with her for some time and that he contacted her again, when she bagged the National Award for Queen.

However, in May 2014, their relationship was almost announced to be over. The entire year of 2014 was filled with rumours of their relationship, which was then followed by war on social media, accusing each other on media and social media, as well.

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The social war between the two celebrities fired up when Kangana hinted Hrithik to be her ex. To an answer to this post, Hrithik tweeted, “I’d rather have an affair with pope than the women media is linking me to.” After which, the actor filled a complaint against the actress for ruining his image.

The case between the two actors is not running smooth, and sadly is getting messier day by day. At the start of the year 2016 Kangana sent a notice to the actor saying that Hrithik tried contacting her using a secret mail ID, to which Hrithik denied and is currently helping Mumbai police to find the person out. In response to her complaint, the Mumbai police asked the actress to submit her laptop, which she has not submitted as yet.

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Hrithik had also sent a notice to the actress in the past, where he says that the actress suffers from Asperger, which makes her imagine different things.

Recently, the Kangana lodged a complaint against Hrithik saying that the actor has been circulating her private photos to third parties. She has demanded strict action against the actor. She also said that she wanted to meet Kites co-star, whom she suspects to help Hrithik in sending her private photos to third party.


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