Hrithik And Sussanne Spotted Together Again

20 May 2016 : Even after their divorce, Sussanne and Hrithik have always been on cordial terms. They have made a conscious effort to ensure that their divorce does not affect their kids Hrehaan and Hredhaan. The ex couple recently got together for the birthday of their son Hredhaan who turned 8. This led to media speculation about a possible reconciliation between the two. Sussanne in a statement given to media persons cleared that there was no scope for a patch up between the two.

According to the latest reports, the two were spotted again. The ex couple were reportedly partying at Anu Dewan’s house, who is well known in the social circuit. They made all efforts to avoid being clicked together.

A few days back, Sussanne had extended her support to Hrithik in the legal battle with Kangana Ranaut. Sussanne publicly supported Hrithik in the case. This shows that the ex husband and wife share an exceptional rapport with each other.

Whether there is a possibility of a patch up between the two will be revealed in the time to come. But the way the two have managed their differences, without washing their dirty linen in public is commendable.


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