Shekhar Suman Lashed Out at Shobhaa De

3 May 2016 : Adhyayan Suman, recently revealed to media persons the emotional trauma he underwent during his relationship with actress Kangana Ranaut. Post his revelation, accomplished writer Shobhaa De, in her column criticized Adhyayan for speaking about the alleged verbal and mental abuse Kangana subjected him to.

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This criticism against his son infuriated Shekhar Suman who lashed out at Shobhaa De. Defending his son, Shekhar said that his son was no cry baby, in fact the courage he exhibited in accepting the abuse he suffered in the relationship with Kangana was admirable and certainly worth applauding.

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He said that abuse suffered by anyone should not be subject to a gender bias. He questioned Shobhaa De’s logic saying that there was nothing wrong in a man accepting that he was abused by a woman.

Shekhar also recalled the trauma he and his wife suffered to see the life of their son completely being controlled by a woman. Shekhar said that along with his son, he also suffered when Kangana hurled the choicest of abuses at him in public.

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Shekhar further stated that he felt happy and lucky that finally his son had regained his composure after suffering the trauma and abuse.

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