Pininfarina and Mahindra Planning To Launch Electric Sports Car

24 May 2016 : Pininfarina, post being acquired by Mahindra, is reportedly looking forward to launch electric sports car.

Pininfarina is being backed up by the Indian Formula E Team, which has been a regular user of the sports cars designed by them. At the Motor Show in Geneva, the firm exhibited their sports car which uses hydrogen power for operation. The concept exhibited at the Motor Show revealed the low scooped body of the car and the rear wings which were arrow shaped. The actual model however could differ from the concept revealed at the Motor Show.

Mahindra has high plans of combining its racing cars with the amazing and latest designs offered by the Italian firm. Pravin Shah, the automotive head of Mahindra said in an interview that designing was the important aspect in sports cars. He was hopeful that with support from Pininfarina, they could target the Formula E platform by producing cars that offered thrill and at the same time were also robust. He further said that the collaboration with Pininfarina had been an asset for Mahindra, and had enabled them to create a mark in the racing and sports car industry. He also took the opportunity to talk about the information technology unit of Mahindra Tech.

Mahindra seems to be excited about its prospects regarding the electric sports car.


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