Jat Arakshan Rohtak : Colleges Will Remain Closed in Rohtak from 17 to 19 March

17 March 2016 : All colleges in Rohtak, Haryana will remain closed on 17th, 18th and 19th March.

Earlier the colleges were supposed to be closed from 20th March to 27th March. So, after these extended off, colleges will remain closed from 17th to 27th March.

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When media asked Deputy Commissioner Atul Kumar about whether this is anything related to Jat Agitation, he said, “Nowhere does my order mention anything like that. “It was a simple request from these colleges and they reasoned that many students were living in hostels. Besides some others had not been able to visit their homes during the period when unrest was on. They stated the colleges are supposed to have holidays between March 20 to 27 and if they get a few additional days, it will help the students.”
He further added that, “We have accepted the request of these colleges. The decision has nothing to do with law and order situation. However, schools are open and there is no such order for them. Board examinations are going on as usual. Moreover, we have also said that pre-scheduled programmes/urgent functions, which are to take place in colleges during the period, will go on as usual.”
Though schools will remain open as exam sessions are going on and they will work as per earlier schedule.
Source : Indian Express



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