Gharelu Nuskhe : Turmeric, A Magical Golden Spice

Turmeric is commonly used in a variety of Indian dishes. It belongs to the family of ginger and is also known as the golden spice. Most of us use turmeric to add colour to the food and are often oblivious to the numerous health benefits associated with it. Read on to find out what the golden spice is capable of.

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The spice has exceptional inflammatory properties that can help in the treatment of arthritis and can relieve the pain associated with it. Turmeric can also help in prevention of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s.  Apart from this, turmeric can also help to alleviate digestion related issues.

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What is fascinating is that turmeric possesses anti cancer properties and can effectively lower the risk of cancer. It is particularly good for ensuring a healthy heart as it can significantly lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Regular intake of the golden spice can also control blood sugar levels and can hence be used as a natural remedy for treating diabetes.

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The property of the spice to relax blood vessels can also keep your blood pressure levels in check.

Apart from these, turmeric boosts the immunity of the body and can help significantly in weight loss. The healing properties of turmeric have been in use since ages for quick healing of injuries and wounds.

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With so many benefits, turmeric is definitely the most important spice in your kitchen. So ditch these artificial remedies and treatments and try the golden spice to solve various kinds of health issues.


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