Get Rid Of Those Ugly Blackheads With This Simple Tip

One of the most common skin issue faced by most people is blackheads. Blackheads make your skin look unhealthy and dull. The problem of blackheads aggravates more during the summer months due to high levels of heat and pollution.

Most people spend a lot of money at parlours and spas to get those blackheads removed. You can now remove them within the comfort of your home by following a simple tip.

You will need 1 teaspoon each of lemon juice and baking soda. Prepare a paste by mixing the two ingredients. Apply this paste on the area of your face which has blackheads and allow it to remain there for 15 minutes. After the set time, rinse your face with warm water, gently massaging your skin in the process.

The result will leave you surprised. Your blackheads will be gone in no time at all!! You can repeat the process twice in a week for a black heads free skin.

Lemon juice is known to have acidic properties that remove dead skin, leaving the skin clearer and unclogged. Lemon juice also helps to reduce the pores in the skin. Baking soda possesses anti bacterial properties that prevent skin infections.


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