How To Stay Sweat Free This Summer

Summers are here and hence higher the chances of you facing embarrassment due to sweat stains particularly in the arm pits. Here are some simple ways that can help control sweat and hence save you from the embarrassment.

Sweat Pads

Placing sweat pads in the inner area of your clothing that covers the armpit is an effective way to stay clear of sweat. The pads can help in keeping skin dry by soaking sweat.


Using good quality antiperspirants instead of normal deodorants can keep the skin dry for longer hours.

Talcum powder

Talcum powder provides an effective way to soak excessive sweat. This prevents your clothes from staining. It hampers the pores of the skin and hence prevents sweating.

Keep your armpits clean

To prevent excessive sweat, it is important to keep the armpits clean. Regular shaving of armpits prevents sweat and the formation of unpleasant smell causing bacteria. Keeping the armpits clean is a good way to ensure that your clothes remain sweat free.

Use wipes

Both wet and dry wipes can effectively be used to prevent and control sweat. Regularly wiping the armpits with these wipes can help you stay fresh by getting rid of the sweat. The wipes can be carried and used anywhere without much hassle.

So now, stop worrying about those embarrassing sweat stains with these simple yet effective tips.


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