You Are Not Taking Care of Yourself, HERE are The Signs

Good health requires care. Most often we forget to care about ourselves. Here are few signs that can help you realize when it’s time to focus on yourself.

Accept Yourself

For a healthy life, it is essential to accept the way you look, feel, act and think. Non acceptance of yourself can lower your self esteem.


Avoid being too critical of yourself. Stay optimistic and accept every folly as a learning experience. It will help you stay healthy.

Don’t ignore your needs

Take care of your emotional and bodily needs. Eat healthy and avoid over exerting yourself mentally or physically.

Know your intentions

For every spoken word you every action you do, analyze your intentions. This is important to ensure that you do not drift away from your goals. Check regularly whether your intentions match with your long term desires.

Do Not Abandon Your Wants and Desires

Don’t burden yourself with over discipline. It is good to make adjustments but avoid doing it at the cost of your own desires.

Self Awareness

Don’t be oblivious to things that affect you. Be aware of the aspects that have an impact on your life. Analyze what gives you happiness and what is the cause of your sadness.


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