Text Messages Can Help Smokers Kick The Habit

24 May 2016 : The researchers from Miriam Hospital Centers which deal in Preventive and Behavioral Medicine have found a new and unique way to help smokers kick the habit. The new method suggested is what we normally use in our daily lives.

The researchers have stated that receiving motivating text messages regarding the habit may encourage smokers to leave the habit. It can be really helpful in avoiding the habit.

According to Lori Scott Sheldon, a well known researcher, curbing tobacco use is important as it is a health problem which is rampant throughout the world. According to him, text messages can help in reaching a large number of people at the minimum cost. The frequency of the text messages received can help in making the smokers aware about the ill effects of the habit.

Text messages can be modified and their frequency can be altered keeping in mind the requirements of an individual. The messages may include aspects like support, reminders and health education. Motivating messages can have a great impact in encouraging smokers to get rid of the habit.

The research was undertaken in 10 countries and the findings are based on the responses of the respondents. The report concluded that regular interventions through text messages can help smokers in kicking the habit.


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