How to Treat Sinusitis Effectively

For most kind of health issues, people usually take medications. Taking pills may temporary heal the symptoms but may not solve the cause of the problem.

Antibiotics can aggravate the problem in many situations. For treating sinuses, medications may not be effective in treating them from the root.

Sinus treatment involves a number of therapies. A new therapy is called sinus irrigation using baby shampoo. This therapy destroys the nasal passage bacteria to give relief from sinus.

The ideal solution used in this therapy contains ½ teaspoon shampoo mixed with 1 cup saline. The saline can be prepared using 3 teaspoons salt and i teaspoon baking soda. For the therapy, make a solution using 1 teaspoon saline mixture and ½ teaspoon baby shampoo. Mix it in 1 cup lukewarm water.

Draw in this prepared liquid using infant nasal bulb to flush your nostrils. You can also use a probiotic rinse along with the solution to effectively remove bacteria.

This is an effective treatment for sinus. However, it is advisable to take advice from a doctor before using this treatment.


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