World’s Heaviest Baby Girl Born In India

26 May 2016 : The heaviest baby girl in the world was born on Monday in Karnataka to the 19 year old Nandini. The baby weighed 6.8 kgs at the time of birth. Usually, babies who are six months old are of this weight.

Local health officer, Dr. Venkatesh Raju expressed his amazement at seeing the heaviest born baby in his career spanning 25 years. The baby is free from any health issues and is healthy. This was a miracle given her mother is a patient of diabetes and weighs 94 kgs.

Dr. Poornima Manu, the surgeon who performed the surgery to deliver the baby revealed that the surgery lasted approximately 90 minutes. The Guinness Record of the heaviest baby delivered belongs to a boy delivered in 1955 who was 10.3 kg at the time of birth.

Listed are records of some of the heaviest babies born:

  • In 2013, Britisher Maxime Marin delivered a baby girl weighing 6.2 kg who was later named Maria Lorena.
  • Carisa Rusack who was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 2014, weighed 6.5kg at the time of birth.
  • In 2015, Indian woman Firdous Khatun delivered a baby boy who weighed 6.6kg at the time of birth.

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