EgyptAir Flight MS804 Crashes Between Paris And Cairo

20 May 2016 : Egypt Air passenger flight MS804 is reported to have crashed. The flight has 66 passengers on board. Rescue operations have started on the Egyptian coast of the Mediterranean. Greece has also offered support and help in the rescue operations and has put helicopters on standby as a safety measure.

The flight MS804, using an Airbus A320 was flying from Paris to Cairo. It took off at 11.09 pm local time on Wednesday night.

The airline officials have said that they lost contact with the flight at 2.45am at 16km/10 miles in the Egyptian airspace.

The fight had 56 passengers along with 10 crew members on board. The airline has also confirmed the presence of two infants and a child on board.

The search operations were started at the point of lost contact with the flight which is 50-65kms away from the coast of Egypt. The flight was undertaking its fifth trip during the day and was flying at a height of 37000 feet at the time of disappearing from the radar. The manufacturing date of the plane is 2003.

The Prime Minister of Egypt Sherif Ismail has issued orders for rescue operations.


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