Fire Chemical Factory Located In Dombivali Mumbai

26 May 2016 : An explosion rocked a chemical factory located in Dombivali. According to reports, the source of the blast was a boiler room in Acharya Chemicals factory located in MIDC area of Dombivali. According to reports, at least three persons may have succumbed to the injuries caused by the blast.

According to Ashutosh Dumbare, who is the Joint Commissioner in Police, ambulances, water tankers and fire tenders have been pressed into action and are currently involved in the rescue efforts.

The explosion was of such high intensity, that it managed to shatter to pieces window glasses of commercial and residential establishments located as far as 2 kilometres from the site of the explosion.

Raju Nalawade, a nearby resident narrated the tale of the explosion. He said that the blast was so intense that the windows in the house of his sister who lives near the factory were smashed and shattered. The residents residing nearby are frightened and shocked.

Accorting to reports, the factory had around 50 workers in the premises at the time of the explosion. Four workers who were critically injured were immediately taken to the government hospital located in Dombivali for treatment.


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