Japan Earthquake LIVE Update

15 April 2016 (Japan): A massive earthquake of 7.4 magnitude hit Japan on early Saturday today. Get Japan Earthquake LIVE Update HERE :

  • According to latest update, the Tsunami warning issued after earthquake has been lifted now.
  • A strong 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake hit Japan on Saturday Morning.
  • Tsunami warning have been issued considering the high 7.4 magnitude.
  • According to United States Geological Survey, the center of Japan earthquake was at 40 km depth near Kumamoto city.
  • According to news report, earlier at the same location an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude have been measured at the depth of 7 km.
  • Japanese authorities have asked people to leave coastal area as soon as possible as there has been a threat of Tsunami.
  • Possible wave of 1 metre height is expected in sea due to this earthquake.

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