People Turned #GatimanExpress Dirty, Like Any Other Train

7 April 2016 : Gatiman express, connecting New Delhi and Agra, is to the be the fastest train connecting the two cities in the shortest possible time. It would be operating at a speed of 160km/h and would be covering the distance within 100 minutes. When the train started its service, it was known to be clean. However, as estimated, its cleanliness was only for a day, and the passengers have messed the entire train up.

When the train started its journey, it had clean coaches. Sadly, on its return journey there were empty food packets and bottles lying on the floor. The sink, which was spotless earlier, was covered with pan spits. Even the clean toilets were not left clean by the passengers.

The sad part in all this, is that we, the passengers, are somewhere responsible for this mess and uncleanness. Just because there is someone to clean our mess out, we are least bothered to get up from our seat and throw the empty bottle or cup or food packet in the dustbin kept in one corner. And, a new train has been dropped down to the standard of our other trains, within no time.


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