Revocation Of Passport May Fail To Get Mallya Back To The Country

India is making all possible efforts to deport Vijay Mallya back from the UK where he is currently residing. The Ministry of External Affairs, after suspending his diplomatic passport, has now revoked his passport under Sections 10(3)(c) and (h) of the Passports Act. This is an attempt to bring the businessman back in the country. Vijay Mallya’s exit from the country has left the authorities red faced.

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However, legal experts are of the view that the step may not be enough to bring Mallya back in the country. Under UK rules, Mallya has been given ‘leave to remain’ in UK and does not require a valid passport fro residing in the country. It is still not clear whether Mallya has been ‘indefinite leave to remain’ in the UK, which would be symbolic of a ‘permanent residency’. In this case, British authorities can reject his deportation to India.

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According to British Rules, cancellation of the ‘leave to remain’ involves complicated legal formalities and the MEA may find it difficult to put pressure on the UK government to do so.

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What will be the MEA’s next step to get Mallya back to India for questioning under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), we will have to wait and watch!!!


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