Shocking And Shameful: Images Of A Brazilian Teen Gang Raped By 30 Men Posted On Twitter

28 May 2016 : Brazil is in shock. Anger is brewing in the heart of every Brazilian. 30 men sexually assaulted a teenage girl in Brazil. And if that was not enough, they had the audacity to post the pictures on social media. The incident has sparked a debate in Brazil regarding the online psychological culture, the rape culture and the disrespect shown towards women.

In the incident which is brutal to the core, around 30 men mercilessly gang raped a teenage in Brazil. The girl is 16 years of age. The criminals recorded the rape using a cell phone and posted pictures on social media (Twitter). According to reports 4 suspects have been identified.

The teenager narrated the ordeal and stated that she had paid a visit to her boyfriend at his home in Rio De Janeiro. She said that she could not recall the sequence of events till the time she found herself unclothed, surrounded by at least 12 men who possessed guns.

Her family members have stated that the girl returned home clad in clothes that are worn by men but mentioned nothing about her ordeal.

After two days after the incident, the men posted on twitter a short video and pictures of the girl lying naked and in a semi-conscious state. The post was circulated with great speed and received around 500 ‘likes’ before Twitter took the decision of removing them.

The images came to the notice of the family members of the girl. Warrants have been issues against the identified suspects and the people who made the Twitter posts. The girl is in a state of shock and is extremely frightened.


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