What Will You Choose, ‘Faith’ or ‘Religion’?

Though the existence of God could not be proved with any analysis but the faith is something that drives our everyday life. We might have born in different religions but faith is something that is instilled in all of us. Religion could be defined as a cultural system, which is based on different practices, rituals, social organization, values, and ethics. Religion is something that is meant to guide human beings through their life. It could also be related to humanity, as the core of every religion is to practice humanity and compassion. But are the two terms ‘faith’ and ‘religion’ identify with each other?

Derived from a Latin word religio, religion has defined the complete humankind existence on the earth. The power of religion is enough to define the human life. But, the question is what religion is? Is it a faith or it is a practice? Is it a system or a teaching? Does it really help to create peace or to create a difference? Believing in one’s religion is not wrong, but should it be with faith or with acceptance? I guess religion is acceptance of faith. But, what is faith? The word religion is often understood as being similar to faith. According to Emile Durkheim in her book “The Elementary Forms of Religious Life”, religion is described as completely personal belief, which is “something eminently social”.

Faith is not religion and religion is not faith. Though the religion psychologists define faith as ‘belief’, but Faith, from a more psychological perspective and naturalistic view, it is merely the innate drive to find meaning, purpose and significance of life. Since birth, we have an intrinsic sense that there is something superior then us and we wish to discover what that power is. Thus, a quest for finding the meaning, purpose and significance that exists in relationships, life, and other things is faith. But, religion is something that starts with a belief system of a community or group of people. Religion to systematize beliefs in the sacred practices and text and it has nothing to do with faith. Religion is an outward behavior which we practice, but faith is enacted with head. The world today requires people, who could love, understand, practice humility & compassion and can serve humankind in a better way. Religion has separated us but with faith in humanity, we can be together again.

So, what will you choose, ‘Faith’ or ‘Religion’?


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