Becoming a Noise Hacker is Now Easy !!!

Planning to travel? Surely a great idea. But the only disturbing thing while travelling in airplanes, buses and trains, is the high decibel noise.

The noise from these sources can be disturbing. Many people can get headaches from the high noise levels in these forms.

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Apart from these, we often encounter noise from various other sources. Most of us have tried putting in cotton balls or pads to restrict the noise flow. But, a majority of times, this doesn’t prove to be fruitful and helpful. The market is flooded with noise cancelling headphones but they can surely burn a hole in your pocket.

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Here we give you an effective and easy solution to restrict the noise reaching your ears.  This can prove to be the cheapest alternative to the expensive noise cancelling headphones. Go on reading, if you would like to become a noise hacker!!!

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All you need is a pair of cheap ear muffs commonly used by workers in the construction industry. The one with noise reduction level of 23 Db will be the most suitable. You can get these at any local stores. You would also require a pair of small headphones which may be lying spare and not being used much.

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With just these simple and easy to find resources, you are all set hack the noise around you.


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