BREAKING : Virus Attack on Facebook in India. Read it to Save Your Facebook Account

11 April 2016 : Couple of facebook users have reported that their Facebook account has been infected by Virus attack. According to facebook users from India, this Virus has been circulated through facebook chat.

Facebook users are getting a chat message from his/her facebook friends and when user clicks on it, the same kind of message starts circulating to all people who are added as friends in his/her facebook account.

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HERE are couple of status updates of users who have been hit by this viral facebook virus :

One facebook user updated his timeline,“Hello Friends, If someone got a Video link from my side. I request, Please don’t Click on that. That’s a Virus… I got this from one of my friend and when i click on it has been started to send all of my friends. So Sorry for Inconvenience Caused…!!”

Another facebook user updated his facebook status,“There is virus in Facebook. plz avoid this video link in Msg box”

If you see any tag notification from your friend containing video link in it then it might also be the same virus. It is also circulating through friends tagging on facebook.

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How to fix this facebook Virus?

First thing first, If you see any video link in your facebook chat message from your friend (video link that looks like photo of yours or your friend), do not open it. Yes, do not click on it. This is the only way right now to stay away from this virus right now.

And you have already hit by this virus and have already clicked on this link, then report it to facebook.


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