How to Charge Your Mobile Without Charger !

What do you do when you have to place an urgent call or type that life saving message and your phone battery runs out? The situation can be worse if you don’t have a charger handy or are without power.

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We all might have encountered similar situations in our daily lives. The solution to these problems is unveiled. Now you can charge your phone battery by using a flashlight!!! Unbelievable but true!!!

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You don’t need to be an expert in of mechanical engineering to do this. It is a simple technique. All you need is a hand cranked flashlight. This is the kind of flashlight that requires no batteries to operate. Instead it operates on the power generated when you rotate the handle of the flashlight.

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You can easily connect your cell phone’s charging points with the flashlight motor which can generate up to 4 Volts of power. When the connection is secured, start rotating the handle of the light, and you see magic!!! Your cell phone starts charging.

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This can be the most perfect solution to phone charging in emergency situations.


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