Future Technology…Cars That Change Colour – Unbelievable !

Most of us are fascinated by colours.  Colours are symbolic and can go a long way in depicting your mood or emotions at a given point of time. For instance, red spells danger and green is symbolic of nature. These are the common emotions colours are associated with.

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Hence, colours definitely form a very important part of our lives. Imagine what life would be without the vivid colours around us. We can’t even stand watching even a black and white TV now!!!

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Colours are also known to have a positive impact on your mood. If you are feeling sad or depressed, colours can go a long way in lifting your spirits.

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Most of us are fascinated with things which change colour. We surely love fountains that change colours. Ever wondered how amazing it would be if our cars also did the same. Many of us may get bored seeing the same colour on our vehicle every day. Just imagine if only they could change colour all by themselves.

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It is a reality now!!!! Yes nowadays a special kind of paint is applied on the body of cars. The paint is heat sensitive and changes colour accordingly. So when you drive a car which has such paint on, be sure that you will be attracting a lot of attention!!!


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