Rain Coming Soon…Make Your Shoes Waterproof !

Monsoons are approaching. Rains surely bring respite from the sweltering heat but at times, downpours may lead to various issues. It is common to find puddles being formed on the road after a heavy downpour. You may wear a raincoat to protect your clothes from getting soaked in water but how do you protect your shoes?

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The only option left in such situations is to wear those funny looking plastic slippers while it pouring. But now you can wear your favorite shoes when its raining without soaking them. Here is a simple trick to make your favorite shoes waterproof.

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Now you can wear shoes of your choice, no matter what the season. Just follow this simple do it yourself technique.

All that you will need is some wax – you can use a candle for that and a hair dryer. Surely most of us have both these things easily available.

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Once you have these, follow the simple technique and make your shoes waterproof. In just a few minutes, you are all ready to go out and splash in the rain.

Simple yet very effective!!! Definitely worth a try!!


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