The ‘small screen’ talks


The drama, which became the staple of Indian television for a long time is now becoming stale. Audiences are becoming non-responsive to the repetitive storylines, predictive turn of events and clichéd themes. Instead, the concept of web series has clicked with the Indian audience.

The phenomenal shift from the typical soap serials to stories based on contemporary themes are ruling the roost now. Moreover, youngsters or say the smartphone generation, which includes people from all ages, doesn’t have the patience to stay tuned to television for their favorite shows. They can easily avail the web series on their smartphones, tablets or other gadgets, anytime they want to. This is also one of the reasons for the growing popularity of web series, besides the content and its presentation. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest web series which keeps people glued to the ‘small screen.’

Permanent Roommates

Produced by TVF, you will fall in love with the characters. Tania and Mikesh are in a 3 years long distance relationship. Mikesh moves in to India and they are now out of their Skype world to the ‘real’ world. What they face is nothing unusual but the presentation is super cool.

Girl in the City

Meera, the aspiring fashion designer moves in to Mumbai. With a bag full of dreams and hope she lands into the city and what follows next is going to hold you to the screen, without replying to the popping up Whatsapp messages.

A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend

Sameer Luthra, the tech geek, is an app developer. His boss is making his life hell by overshadowing his hard work with his wicked plans. Sameer, a loner, a socially awkward guy is secretly developing an app. It’s edgy sans the clichéd drama and that’s making the audience love it more!

Like these there are many more such web series which has taken the YouTube by storm. It’s a breath of fresh air in the drama genre. The YourTube is the new ‘small screen’ and it’s going great!


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